What takes me down does not have to take me out…
Every day, I rise up stronger!

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From the Author

This anthology began with two authors sharing a dream with each other and “The Journey is Yours to Take” was born. The context of the anthology encompasses the authors’ different experiences and perspectives of thriving within and through their challenges in life. With the main theme of Frazzled to Fabulous viewed through the lens of “If you only knew…”, each author comes with a personal experience of meeting the struggle of life, hurt, trauma, betrayal, etc., to share how they rose up and overcame their challenge.

The core message of the book is to deliver encouragement of thriving in uplifting and positive messages that living a fabulous life is obtainable through mindset, boundaries, and perseverance.

Readers will learn that most people have serious challenges in life that come in many forms, even those who “look” like they have it all together (“If you only knew…) and that it is very possible to elevate themselves from seemingly lowest of lows to rise up and thrive to live a fulfilling and fun life.

Challenges are a part of life and every challenge offers an opportunity for growth. When aligned with our purpose, we can use the growth and experience from our challenges in life to choose a different perspective, moving from victim to victor, conquered to conqueror.

My drive and passion in life is to teach and share with others that we have choice in how we respond to the challenges, struggles, and traumas that life delivers. Through knowledge and understanding, we can build our resilience, elevate our mindset, and claim power in our lives we can be victors in our life.

“It is wonderful how much resilience there is in human nature. Let any obstructing cause, no matter what, be removed in any way, even by death, and we fly back to first principles of hope and enjoyment.”

― Bram Stoker