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The Journey is Yours to Take

Choose to Move Through Frazzled to Fabulous

What takes me down does not have to take me out…
Every day, I rise up stronger!

Five courageous women stepped forth to write “The Journey is Yours to Take.” From that was born Shannon King’s chapter, “Choosing to Create Resilience,” which you will find is a mix of empowerment and timeless wisdom to develop and maintain resilience, with profound and simple tools you can revisit to remind yourself how you can choose to move through frazzled to fabulous.

The Foreword, by Suzanne Dudley Schon, Life and Leadership Coach, speaks to the reason this anthology was written, “While every life is fraught with difficulty, we now enter the third year of a global pandemic, continued economic uncertainty and disparity, social tension, and the polarization of seemingly every topic under the sun. We are swamped and steeped in news intended to trigger emotional responses—anger, frustration, hatred, and fear.

Resilience is a crucial element to a happy, healthy life. The science in King’s chapter stands out as she encourages readers to take an extraordinary leap to overcome obstacles, through practiced methods and vivid examples that prove resilience is not infinite, but a learned skill…

A paradigm shift, this…a groundbreaking work about what we thought the human body and mind were capable of—a blueprint to be more resilient—whatever the challenge you face. The journey IS yours to take as you learn to be courageous in the face of difficulty; it is yours to take as you choose to build your capacity to heal and grow when confronted by adverse experiences that challenge your life purpose, meaning, and satisfaction.

This book is a timeless treasure; it belongs on your bookshelf!

About the Author

Shannon M King, CNTC, EFT
Relationship and Resilience Coach


Shannon King is passionate about helping others build personal resilience and create resilient relationships.

As founder and CEO of Matter of the Heart® and developer of the Resilience4 Training Program, Shannon teaches couples and individuals to be resilient in their relationships and more effective in their personal and professional lives. In addition, she supports and mediates others’ journeys to design a wholesome and healthy future for a thriving life and flourishing relationship.

Shannon combines her expertise in resilience-building and wellness with 30 years of law enforcement work to teach others how to prepare for, manage, and work through adverse events to rise up and thrive. Learning from her own experience of recovering physically and mentally from a life-threatening traumatic event, Shannon personally recognizes the importance of resilience preparation before trauma occurs to enable you to rise up stronger.

From the Author

This anthology began with two authors sharing a dream with each other and “The Journey is Yours to Take” was born. The context of the anthology encompasses the authors’ different experiences and perspectives of thriving within and through their challenges in life. With the main theme of Frazzled to Fabulous viewed through the lens of “If you only knew…”, each author comes with a personal experience of meeting the struggle of life, hurt, trauma, betrayal, etc., to share how they rose up and overcame their challenge.

The core message of the book is to deliver encouragement of thriving in uplifting and positive messages that living a fabulous life is obtainable through mindset, boundaries, and perseverance.

Readers will learn that most people have serious challenges in life that come in many forms, even those who “look” like they have it all together (“If you only knew…) and that it is very possible to elevate themselves from seemingly lowest of lows to rise up and thrive to live a fulfilling and fun life.

Challenges are a part of life and every challenge offers an opportunity for growth. When aligned with our purpose, we can use the growth and experience from our challenges in life to choose a different perspective, moving from victim to victor, conquered to conqueror.

My drive and passion in life is to teach and share with others that we have choice in how we respond to the challenges, struggles, and traumas that life delivers. Through knowledge and understanding, we can build our resilience, elevate our mindset, and claim power in our lives we can be victors in our life.

“It is wonderful how much resilience there is in human nature. Let any obstructing cause, no matter what, be removed in any way, even by death, and we fly back to first principles of hope and enjoyment.”

― Bram Stoker

Meaning in life comes from knowing who we are, knowing and living true to our values, and aligning our values with our life purpose.

I think the most common pitfall preventing people from embracing their passion is lack of self-belief and recognition in their personal gifts and value to live their personal purpose.

Purpose is rediscovered as strengths are developed and experiences are experienced with wisdom through life.

To serve others and help them to rise up to their highest calling or purpose. So many people feel stuck where they are, believing they can’t have or don’t deserve to live that amazing life they want.  So many things can keep us stuck and helping others to recognize they can break through the limits that are holding them back.

I think there is a particular sequence to the individual, depending on what they need personally. Everyone is starting from their own place, on their own journey. The first step would be to identify what that life without limits looks like to them, then the rest…what would it take to get there, what is standing in the way, what needs to happen to clear what is standing in the way, recognizing what keeps you on the right path – the way points, connected to purpose, celebration, community… and maybe others they would identify would be their individualized sequence.